Our Strategy

CIRA Education’s growth strategy is underpinned by its highly scalable and cost effective business model. The company has a proven track record of rolling out schools across Egypt targeting the middle-income segment, and with a carefully implemented operational model that ensures efficient payback periods for new facilities. Leveraging its strong financial position, tailor-fit partnerships with real estate developers and full control over the entire education value chain, including venue, content development and teacher training, CIRA is able to quickly expand its presence to fill supply gaps in a fast-growing and underpenetrated market. The company’s growth strategy is guided by four key pillars.

Maintain Market Leadership

The first pillar of CIRA’s growth strategy is to sustain the company’s leading position as the preferred private sector provider of K-12 and higher education services. To this end, CIRA will continue to provide premium quality education at affordable prices with the aim of developing brand loyalty among families in the middle-income segment.

Utilization (21/22 School Year) K-12 Higher Education Nurseries
Utilized Capacity (‘000 students) 30.9K 14K 134
Total Capacity (‘000 students) 36K 25K 600
Implied Utilization Rate 91% 56% 22%

Expansion in the Higher-ED Space

Expanding on the Badr University Brand is a priority. The 2022/23 academic year saw CIRA launch its second university, Badr University in Assiut, adding 7 new faculties to its total higher education offering and increasing its student capacity by more than 30%.


Applied Medical Science

Bio Technology & Genetic Engineering

Animal Health and Safety


Political Science

Sociology / Anthropology



Dental & Oral

Physical Therapy

Geographic Expansion

CIRA will continue its efforts to penetrate Egypt’s underserved governorates. We aim to open four new K-12 schools in the Delta Region as a preliminary to further expansion. These institutions will introduce the latest trends in classroom technology and will promote out-of-class learning programs to further develop the learning process.

Increased Services Diversification

We aim to build a well-defined portfolio of investments to maximize shareholders’ returns while leaving significant room for expansion. CIRA has already invested in CAPMED, a fully licensed hospital in a prime location near the New Administrative Capital. CAPMED will benefit CIRA both academically and financially, allowing it to acquire a license for its medicine faculty and provide it with the required practical training for 4th and 5th year medicine students. The facility will also provide the company with exposure to an underserved market and generate sustainable returns.

CIRA is also exploring opportunities to monetize its non-core assets which include sizable land holding and real estate developments.