Corporate Information

Date of inception 22 August 1992
Commercial Registeration Number 273431
Legal form of the Company A Joint Stock Company
Law of governance Egyptian Law #159 of year 1981
Statutory purpose of the company (a) build, establish, furnish and manage educational facilities, administrative residences and medical treatment facilities; (b) trade in medical supplies and hospital equipment; (c) undertake petroleum services; (d) sell, purchase and divide/partition lands; (e) export; (f) provide all forms of transportation; (g) ship goods/cargo; (h) sell residential apartments and administrative units and real properties; (i) establish real estate facilities; (j) to undertake construction contracting; (k) establish, equip, manage and rehabilitate clubs and sports and social centers.
Headquarters 36 Ahmed El-Sawy St., Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt Tel: (+2) 02 227 473 80 - 227 416 67
Subsidiaries and affiliates Upper Egypt for Education Services S.A.E. - Egyptian Company for Educational Systems S.A.E. - Educational Systems International S.A.E. (ESI) - Egyptian Health Care Services Company S.A.E. - Egyptian Schools for Education Services S.A.E - EMCO for Computers and Systems S.A.E. - Futures and Nations S.A.E - Edu Tech International Company - Cairo for Educational Facilities S.A.E - Cairo for Educational Services S.A.E