Our Edge

Egypt’s Largest and Only Integrated Group providing both K-12 and Higher Education

CIRA Education is the Egyptian private sector’s only integrated provider of education services at both the K-12 and university levels. This leaves us uniquely positioned to capture a large share of the growing demand for high-quality education in the middle-income segment in a highly favorable demographic environment.

Premium Quality Education with Strong Brand Recognition

CIRA schools offer a wide range of competitive, internationally-accredited curricula that prepare students for successful undergraduate careers. Parents and students seeking British, American, French, German, or National tracks of study find in CIRA institutions the most reliable and engaged providers. On the higher-education front, BUC retains an extensive network of international partnerships to ensure continuous development of the university’s curricula and staff, enabling the university to offer its students a high-quality undergraduate experience while charging tuition fees below its peer institutions’ average.

Operating in an Attractive and Growing Market

CIRA aims to provide premium quality programs at mid-market pricing and to absorb the growing demand for quality education against a backdrop of inadequate public investment in Egypt’s academic infrastructure. We have struck a winning balance between quality and affordability across our institutions, as shown by their ability to foster academic excellence: CIRA students in primary and secondary school consistently outperform their national peers. Our instructors are selected with an eye to molding high achievers with a high degree of social awareness, as evidenced by the numerous honors our students have received across various fields.

Full Control Across the Education Value Chain

Our efficiently designed and operated management platform gives CIRA centralized control over all aspects of the education value chain, from physical construction of schools to the student’s daily experience in the classroom. CIRA’s specialized construction and maintenance department allows us to execute projects swiftly and on-schedule, with schools beginning operations within 9-12 months from breaking ground. Keeping such activities in-house allows CIRA to enjoy construction costs that are 30-35% lower than would be charged by third-party contractors.